Cheems unleashes Profit Aggressive Liquidity Mining (PALM)!

Hello Liquidity Providers!

Today we are proud to launch our Cheems™ Profit Aggressive Liquidity Mining (PALM) program. PALM as the name implies is a profit aggresive program designed to tackle liquidity and risks by many Automated Market Makers face namely Impermanent Loss (IL).

Impermanent Loss in simpler words, are losses Liquidity Providers on dexes face when providing 50%-50% liquidity of two crypto assets. Whether the asset makes a profit or nosedives into loss, Liquidity Providers bear the most loss, which is an irony actually because market makers and asset providers are actually the heart of decentralized finance.

Beginning today, Cheems™ will be unleashing rewards of 124% APY to all liquidity providers on all officially approved AMM dexes like pancakeswap and DODO™. These rewards will come at the market’s equivalent value of tokens at the time release. A quick example, for every $100 of liquidity you supply in the CHMS/BUSD pool, you get $124 worth of Cheems monthly correspondingly respective to the value of $CHMS tokend during each snapshot, which is why we named this LP mining system a Profit Aggressive system.

Do note, participation in our PALM program can only be done in the Cheems™/BUSD* liquidity pool and no other pair.

To make it easy for anyone to participate in PALM, we have supplied a DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) video below:

Visit the Cheems™ telegram if you have any further questions about PALM Mining. Remember, early miners have the potential to make more profits.

*Listed below are the TERMS & CONDITIONS surrounding the Cheems™ PALM .

Inadequacies such as gas fee costs and network congestion will delay payment.

This is not to be taken as financial advice, there are still risks associated with Liquidity Mining.

The Cheems team have the right to withhold rewards, suspend or blacklist any LPer who acts in bad faith towards the ecosystem, community or project.

BSC contract:

More resources are available at for dyor. So calling all would-be cheemers, cheememien warriors & cheemstronauts to brace for takeoff.

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